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Every Sports player will encounter a knee injury at least once in their life. Acl is one such sports injury which is very common.It is important to treat Acl or any sports injury at the earliest from the right person. If this is properly done, then the player can get back to the day to day activities sooner after complete recovery. so, it is necessary to seek medical help when you recognize ACL tear injury...

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How you will realize that you have ACL tear??

Let us see what is ACL tear? , Its causes and treatments!!!!!!!

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the four knees ligaments that are critical to the stability of knee joint, which is formed by the femur, the tibia, and the patella. ACL connects the femur to the tibia. ALC runs diagonally in the middle of the knee. It provides rotational stability to the knee by holding the bones together. ACL tear is one of the common knee injuries that are likely to happen to soccer, football, and basketball players. ACL injuries can be treated under the care of Dr. Bharani Kumar who is one of the best Consultant Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeons in Chennai.


ACL can be injured in many ways:
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Changing direction rapidly
  • Slowing down while running
  • Direct contact or collision
  • Landing from a jump incorrectly
  • Female athletes are prone to ACL injury than males.
  • ACL Injury


  • Pain with swelling
  • Loss of full range motion
  • Tenderness along the joint line
  • Discomfortability in walking
  • Diagnosis

    The doctor will check the injured knee most injuries can be diagnosed by physical examination. At the same time, the doctor will go through patient history. Other methods to diagnose the tear include X-ray and MRI.


    All prefer non-invasive therapies but in case of severe injuries, surgery is needed. Physical therapy and bracing are the two important non-surgical treatments. Surgical treatment includes rebuilding the ligament. In the case of damaged ligaments that cannot be sutured, the doctor replaces it with a tissue graft. This acts as a frame so that new ligament can grow.

    Preventive Measures

  • Practice exercises that strengthen the muscles in the leg
  • Training to improve techniques for pivoting and cutting
  • Exercises to strengthen hips, pelvis and lower abdomen
  • Proper training for safe jumping and landing.
  • PWearing Braces
  • Dr Bharani Kumar is known for his skill and experience in orthopedic surgeries. The patient is safe in the hand of Dr Bharani Kumar

    ACL Injury


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