ACL Tear Treatment

Non-surgical treatment:

   Torn ACLs usually require surgical intervention. But elderly patients who have low activity levels may benefit from non-surgical ACL tear treatments.

Physical Therapy:

   A rehabilitation program is determined. Specific exercises are recommended which will strengthen leg muscles and help restore functionality of the knee.

Surgical treatment:

   An ACL tear can be surgically repaired by reconstructing or rebuilding the ligament. The torn ligament is replaced by a tissue graft which acts as a platform for the new ligament. Grafts are obtained from hamstring tendons or quadriceps tendon. Sometimes allografts or cadaver grafts are used. Small incisions are made in the area of treatment. The ACL reconstruction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, carried out arthroscopic-ally.


   A hinged knee brace is advised to protect the knee from instability. Crutches are advocated for support.

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